Chattanooga T M

New house when T & M come to TN
KD5A1435 edited-1  Front door on porch back door on to small patio KD5A1440  Front porch view of street. KD5A1433  Looking from garage corner of  yard KD5A1444  See car coming up street
KD5A1425 edited-1  Garage for storing tools. KD5A1426  This is a paved parking space KD5A1427 edited-1  Nice Privacy Fence behind garage on right side of the house KD5A1436  Steps and walk up from garage parking
KD5A1437 edited-1  Nice neighbors on that side. She just retired as a Sonographer and is working on ladscaping. KD5A1438  Toward back corner of lot past back door. KD5A1439  Nice small patio. KD5A1446  Nice big elm tree in back.  Just to the right of the house is a gravel driveway, a bit steep.